Littera LIS is designed for the management of a library.

It runs on Windows 7 or newer operating systems. Because it uses the cloud technology it needs constant internet. Littera LIS represents the high technology generation of the WinKnj product by MordiCom ltd.
WinKnj has been on the market since 2006 and is used by over 450 libraries.Littera LIS is a newcomer and therefore cheaper, more powerful, and it strives to become the most popular.
Installation will only take a few minutes.

Littera LIS is available from 8€ per month.  (Preko storitve PayPal).
For a free trial log in with the usernamedemo and password demo.


Download (1,13 MB)

Note: Windows will check whether you trust the publisher. Some antivirus programs identify the contents as infected. For example, Panda antivirus protection transfers it into quarantine. Avast reports an ‘infection’ with the DRep virus. DRep is not a virus, only an indication that the publisher is unknown (reputation). For these and possibly some other antivirus programs it is better to temporarily switch off the scanning in order to install successfully. AVG does not report anything. You can scan the downloaded file by yourself via VirusTotal website, where any file is simultaneously scanned by 50 antivirus programs. The latest report of the review. .

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